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Abductory Twist

Abductory twist is a sudden abduction motion of the foot at the time of heel-off during walking gait. Abductory twist is a relatively common gait abnormality that occurs due to the external rotation motion of the pelvis above the foot during late midstance not being matched by corresponding subtalar joint supination and tibial external rotation during late midstance.

As a result of this "mismatching" of transverse plane rotations of the pelvis and lower extremity during late midstance, the resultant increase in elastic strain energy occurring within the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the hip, knee and lower extremity will be resolved into this rapid medial movement of the heel at the time of heel-off, when the frictional forces between the heel of the foot and the ground are no longer present to prevent external rotation motion of the foot relative to the ground. The best example of an abductory twist is seen in the last few steps of the left foot of this slow motion video.

Bad Gait in Slow Motion (左足先が空中で右向きになり時々右すねを蹴る症状)

n toe off my left foot kicks in pointing to my right calf which Ive kicked and tripped up on several times. The left foot appears to start as abductory twist, but then snaps back in the other direction with toes pointing medially at the right calf. For the last 10+ years my left calf consistently fatigues out at about 1-2 miles, I suspect its related to this weird behavior. I do not have any issue when walking.

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