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The Most Ambidextrous Tennis Player in The World-"Kid Lavery" Chris Lavery is training to be the most ambidextrous tennis player in the world. Many people do not believe that this style of tennis play has merit. They argue that there is not enough time to switch the racquet from one hand to the other. However, if a player has a two hand backhand to compliment the ambidextrous game that helps solve the problem of switching the racquet when the exchange is too fast to do otherwise. If you use logic in the argument for ambidextrous tennis playing one can say for certain that world class handball players have been trained to be ambidextrous, for it is the only way that one can compete at this sport. Chris feels that there is plenty of time to switch the racquet in most of his ground stroke rallies. He feels that he is only scratching the surface as to how far he can take his game. In this video clip the footage is sometimes mirrored imaged over so that Chris can compare the stroke mechanics against each side. Sometimes what appears to be a right hand forehand is really a left one and vice versa. This is one of the techniques in the mirror imaging methodology used in training the athlete to become ambidextrous. This technique has been explained in the book Whole Brain Power written by Michael Lavery and Gregory Walsh.

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